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Fresh Dewberry Mini Pie Recipe

Fresh Dewberry Mini Pie Recipe

I have very fond memories growing up picking fresh dewberries, which are basically wild black berries, along the fence lines of my families 5-acre “yard” and eating them as I went. So it seemed only natural to start picking berries as we were out on our land trying to decide on the best place to put the house, garden, and animals.. That decision is FREAKING me out! I'm so afraid i'm going to pick wrong and “ruin” the land. But anyway, before I knew it I had 2 water bottles full of berries and decided a cobbler or pie was necessary, so back to my little subdivision house to bake I went.

I decided mini pies was the way to go because my husband could easily bring them to work for snacks and i could share them with my parents and in-laws! I started by whipping up a batch of my Grammy’s pie crust, which always comes out perfectly crumbly, then I started on my berry filling. Some berries, sugar, cinnamon, and lemon juice later… I scarfed down a super hot pie right out of the oven and ohhh emmm geee, it was GOOD. But, don't take my word for it… Pick some berries, find them at a farmers market around you, or you can always just grab a pack of blackberries from the store and get to baking!


*Grammy’s pie crust* or your choice of store bought frozen crusts

2 cups(16 oz) fresh berries

½ cup sugar

¼ cup sugar for sprinkling on the pie tops

2 tbsp lemon juice

4 tbsp flour

Dash of cinnamon (to taste)

1 egg


  1. Preheat oven to 375 F

  2. Rinse berries well, cut the bigger berries in half

  3. Mix berries, sugar, cinnamon, lemon juice, and flour together

  4. Take a small ball of dough, roll it out into a 6” circle about ¼” thick, scoop about 2 tbsp of berry filling onto half of your dough circle, and fold over & pinch the edges to seal. Cut slits in the tops.

  5. Beat the egg and brush over the tops. Sprinkle with sugar.

  6. Bake about 22 min. (depending on your oven) or until golden brown.

  7. ENJOY!!! 

This recipe make 6 - 8 pies depending on your personal sizing. 

Dewberry pies, hot, right out of the oven waiting to be devoured!!!

Dewberry pies, hot, right out of the oven waiting to be devoured!!!

**Comment and let me know how your mini pies turn out & if you add any fun twists to yours!!**

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